WordPress offline editor for you
WordPress offline editor

You may think how WordPress offline editor can save time?. yeah,it can save your time.Do you know how? It help you to write and edit articles for your blog offline. That means you don’t need a internet connection to write. It requires internet when you have to publish your article on your blog.You can write contents,edit contents,customize contents with out internet.I think you may like this feature.

Here are a few WordPress offline editors, that you can try:





these application may ask for something like a XML-RPC (or API) endpoint, which will be your blog’s domain followed by xmlrpc.php. for example, think your blog domain is techzea.com, then your endpoint would be:

All desktop applications will also require a username and password.that is your user name and password that you use to login to your blog.


Official WordPress.com apps

Are you afraid of using 3rd party applications? don’t worry WordPress released their official app for those like you.you can add a WordPress site or a self-hosted site in this apps. after that you can write or edit your contents.these apps are free for everyone you van download them from apps.wordpress.com.WordPress official apps are available in the following platforms :

  • Mac
  • Windows (7+)
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

  Reasons to use an WordPress offline editor

1. No Internet Reliance

With an wordpress offline editor, you write your posts offline. you don’t need a internet connection until your post is ready to publish.That is the plus point.

2.Easy to Upload Images and Videos

Offline editors made publishing images and photos so easy. Simply insert your images or videos, then your editor will upload it to your host when you hit the PUBLISH button.


when you are writing posts online,you have to wait until your browser load then you you have to enter your username and password to write and edit your contents. with offline editors that issue has gone. everything is done on your local machine.this is always faster than online blogging. internet is required only for publish your final post.

4.Easy to publish multiple blogs

with a WordPress offline editor you can manage all your blogs. after writing a post you can publish it on any blog by switching your account.Just one click is enough to do that. also you can publish same article on multiple site.All you have to do is Just select the blog (or blogs) you want to publish your post to. that’s all.