Improve your searching skills on google


every one know how to google but many peoples don’t know how to google like a pro for better and efficient result.After reading this you can use google search engine very well.also you can improve your searching skills on google

some search operators for improve your search skills

Quotation marks (“techzea”)

using quotation marks in your search terms let you search exactly for that terms.that means every results in google will contain that terms in it.

Dashes (-)

If you want to exclude a term in your search include a hyphen before that word.For example,if you want some info about football but you already got some info from Wikipedia you can search Football -Wikipedia  for exclude results from Wikipedia.

Tilde (~)

You can use tilde when you want it’s synonyms to appear in the search result.              music ~classes – This query will search for music classes,lessons,coaching,Etc


Use this operator when you have to search in a specific website only. If you search your search only contain information from

Vertical bar ( | )

Music|Video|Photo – This query search websites that contain one/two/all of the terms.

Two periods  (..)

Include two periods when you want to search with in two number ranges.


If you start your query with allinanchor:,google will only show the results which pages’ anchor text on the link matching with all of your terms.For Example,[allinanchor: best places Jaffna] will return only pages which contain the words “Best”,“Places”,“Jaffna” in the anchor text in the link.


If you start your query with allintext:,google restricts the result to those which contains the term you specify in your query in the text of the page.For example, [allintext:google search]   will return only pages which contain the words “Google“,”Search” in the text of the page.


If you start your query with allinurl:, Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specify in the URL. For example, [ allinurl: google faq ] will return only documents that contain the words “google” and “faq” in the URL, such as “”.


The query cache:url,will display google’s cached version of the website.For example,[] will show google’s cached version of


If you start your query with define:,google will show the definition from the pages.this is useful for finding definition for words,phrases and acronyms.


This query will help you to find movie related information.for example, [movie:now you see me 2] will show movie info,show time,etc.


if you search a query with the term Weather and the location  will show the weather information in that location.